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  • Pokerus + Power Item Fix

    I recently found out that apparently Pokerus doubles all ev points gained from a battle, with Power Items inclusive. It was a small fix however it has a big impact on the stat calculations so I'm sorry if anyone has already been using it :S I haven't really got into using Pokerus myself, which is probably why I wasn't aware of it.

    Posted 23 March 2011


  • Demo Version 2

    I've updated the EV Trainer based on some of the feedback I got, including from my own tests. They are as follows...

    - The ability to remove EV points via specifying a value, allows for fixing mistakes made while adding points
    - Fixed wrong association with some Power Items (I was under the impression certain ones raised different stats)
    - Added a "Recent Opponents" menu, remembers all Pokemon fought order my most recent, saves having to use the drop down menu every time you fight a different opponent
    - Added page redirect so it doesn't ask you to resend information anymore

    Again if anyone has suggestions for making this app better I'm all for it!!

    Posted 21 March 2011


  • Demo Version Added

    This is a small web-based application that attempts to simplify the task of EV Training in the RPG Pokemon games. I've uploaded a demo for people to test out and hopefully provide me with some feedback.

    I'll write up some instructions on how to use it later, however it's meant to be self-explanatory...


    Posted 08 March 2011



EV Training in the Pokemon games can be a very complex and tiring task to undertake, with one of the hardest parts being able to calculate and keep track of all those hard earned Effort Points. This project aims to make that job easier by doing the hard part for you.

If you have any commetns or suggestions, let me know.


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